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The Tarot and You by Vera Coe

The Tarot and You
By Vera Coe

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Book Synopsis

Are you interested in 'reading' the tarot cards but feel frustrated at how complicated it can be? Well I was too at one time, then I evolved a different way of working with them which gave me fast and accurate information from the cards. Three steps, that is all it takes, plus some practice. It will be worth it. You will get your answers. You might also be able to help others get theirs.


A tarot card is?

A piece of card, similar in shape to a normal playing card, but has various types of graphics printed on the surface rather than having only the hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades that is usual for a standard playing card. Most tarot cards, though, do use symbols such as swords, pentacles (circles), cups, and staves which replace the hearts, clubs, etc, but not all.

Unlike a set of playing cards, there is no gen...
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