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An Unavoidable Conclusion About Us by R. Hamilton

An Unavoidable Conclusion About Us
By R. Hamilton

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Talks for Humans of every persuasion.
An Unavoidable Conclusion About Us.

Modern civilization is the mechanism or machinery of our own chosen demise as all-flounders at once;
so this involves you too.

A self, behind the eye, or "i" of each emanates from the same; appreciate and enhance what we evolved into being from...


Modern Humanity does not deserve relentless pleasuring of or for a few; of our own…Especially when and clearly at the expense of most people and most significantly all else that actually and literally gives our opportunity…as a species…

We need to individually enable our collective’s rehabilitation, not further fund dysfunction and blindly function on behalf of what still causes all to become so far off of life’s acceptable course...

These subje...
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