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God sightings? by Joel Lantz

Bridges for honest skeptics
By Joel Lantz

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Mathematician, physicist, inventor, and philosopher Blaise Pascal once noted that God has provided evidence sufficiently clear to convince people with open hearts and minds, yet sufficiently vague so as not to compel people with closed hearts and minds.

However, popular philosophical biases and misrepresentations, as well as the onslaught of world evil reported in today's media, distort and confuse the "sufficiently clear" for many. Such inputs can create doubt even in open hearts and minds -- and in honest skeptics, who believe truth exists, seek truth, and are willing (or willing to be willing) to embrace truth when they find it. As a scientist, and former honest skeptic, I feel the need to expose and rebut such distortions -- including self-refuting special pleadings of scienTISM against any evidence that doesn't fit into a science-as-ultimate-truth '...
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