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Takers Economy: An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing by Christopher Stewart

Takers Economy: An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing
By Christopher Stewart

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Book Synopsis

Takers Economy proposes an alternative look at illegal file sharing in light of the role of art in society, and in the context of the oneness of all beings and things.


But Everybody Else Does It !

Nowadays, sharing music in social networks has apparently become customary. There are quantities of groups and channels dedicated to such activities and wherein the question of whether or not the contents have been approved for that kind of distribution doesn't seem to bother the participants. The group members or channel owners simply post the materials regardless of the rights or the will of the creators, and objections are practically nonexistent.

Evidently, not all violations are committed wittingly, and the matter of education must definitely be taken into account in the equation. Still, there is also the issue of the currently availa...
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