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Blue Ash by Violeta Milovanovic

Blue Ash
By Violeta Milovanovic

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Book Synopsis

This is the third collection of poetry by Violeta Milovanovic. Unlike the previous collections, this one allows a reader to perceive a light in the dark melancholy; a faint glimpse of hope and love. Still, all our sorrows remain to remind us that happiness cannot be caught without a grain of sadness in the wind.

Blue ash

I will be shedding tears
from a silent well,
and the sword that cuts my veins
will glint in the moonlight rays.
But the blue ash on my skin
and the verses I've writ
will remain to vanquish the dark
with a single feeble spark.
I am alive
in these verses, and in your eyes.

Kill me with your eyes

Kill me with your eyes,
freeze the seething lava inside,
capture me with a smile,
and kil...
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