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The Way Back To Be Human By Mustafa Kenj

Into the Walled Garden
By Clive Gilson

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Book Synopsis

Into the Walled Garden contains ten years worth of prize winning poetry...ten years worth of work both published and unpublished, collected together for the very first time (warts and all).

The prize winning poem Into the Walled Garden first appeared in an anthology called Dress of Nettles, published by Ragged Raven Press.

Writing in Cold Mountain Review in 2005, J D Ballam wrote:

......If there is a single theme dominating the book, and it is certainly not ever-present, then it is of one of reminiscence.

...there is...almost always a sense of pleasure in the telling of a tale...however painful the recollection of the circumstances contained in that tale may be. is a situation frequently repeated in Dress of Nettles, yet its unending diversity, its self-generating pace, keep it from ever becoming cloying or...
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