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Future Council by Gordon & Probert, Essex County Council

Future Council
By Gordon & Probert

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Book Synopsis

Future Council by Gordon & Prober of Essex County Council, explores the role of the local authority in a changing public service landscape.


On 20th October 2010, in response to an alarming deficit in the public finances, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the tightest squeeze on public spending since the end of World War II. The Coalition Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review sought to restore discipline to the public finances and, in doing so, made cuts to departmental budgets averaging 11% to 2014-15. Substantially larger cuts will be borne by local authorities (c.27% of centrally funded spending to 2014-15).1 The 2011 Autumn Statement heralded significant additional spending cuits through to 2017.

Although necessary, these cuts have brought debate about the future role of local authorities into the mainstream. For many lo...
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