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Politics books have been around ever since man learned to write. There has always been discussion around politics, whether that is in criticism of specific practices or proposing the perfect political system.

At obooko we have a number of interesting political science books avialable as free reads, to get you thinking about how countries are run and the people and public affairs. Some of the examples below give you an idea of the diversity of topics under the books on politics umbrella.

Political science and religion crossover in many countries and in the book ‘The Islamic Egypt’ here on Obooko, the author looks at the new wave of politicians in that country. How they differ from the Islamic politicians of the past and how they are forming better links with the western world whilst maintaining core Islamic values. It can be a difficult situation in more religious countries where the politics and needs of the government are outpacing the principles of the religion. A fine balance is required.

Political books sometimes dive a little deeper into policy and single aspects of the system. Public affairs books such as Healthcare Reform Checklist have a meaningful proposal for reforming the healthcare systems in the west. The book uses case studies from Germany and Eastern European countries to back up proposals.

There is a lot of superficial political commentary in the media. Short news clips and newspaper articles hardly touch the surface and themselves are politically biased based on their parent company owners. Reading books on politics will expand your thinking and add a different, more in depth point of view. You might not always agree with it but being informed usually enhances your own ideas.

Get your downloadable ebooks on politics and public affairs from obooko and raise your political knowledge level.

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