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The Three R's: Government That Works! by Anthony Horn

The Three R's: Government That Works!
By Anthony Horn

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Humans have lots of social problems because we are living a lie. Once we expose the truth and start living it, the symptoms (over-population, wars and killing, damage to the very planet that we live on, economic meltdown) will disappear. The Three R's is the formula for restoring passion and purpose to human life. Ignore it at your peril!


Life Is What You Make It?

Look around.  Does everything seem OK to you?  Our Earth is an unimaginable paradise.  Picture it for a minute, but without any trace of humans.  Do you see, as I do, a balanced, perfect, 100% real, authentic, full-of-excitement life?  Do you see a life of passion, beauty, adventure, and sometimes horror—all the things that make life interesting in the wild and unpredictable dance of nature?

A squirrel finds a tree and a surrounding area, an...
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