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The Rise of the Insane State by Kenneth R. Szulczyk

The Rise of the Insane State
By Kenneth R. Szulczyk

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Book Synopsis

The Rise of the Insane State - What is Happening to the U.S. Economy?

Each day when Americans awaken, our laws, rules, and regulations grow and become more complex. Thus, each passing the day, the government becomes bigger and more monstrous. Unfortunately, taxes and incarceration rates rise along with the expansion of government. However, government cannot continuously grow at the expense of the economy. A capitalistic country reaches a breaking point, when the economy starts to break down and stagnates. Then a stagnating economy becomes a very dangerous time, because government claims...


Since the dawn of civilization, humans gazed upward into the stars and heavens to search for the almighty God. God is the all-powerful being, who is the grand architect of the universe and created all life on Earth. From the heavens, God keeps a watchful eye ov...
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