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The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia by Kenneth R. Szulczyk

The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia
By Kenneth R. Szulczyk

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Within the walls at the Bosnian University of Management, something evil and dreadful hides in waiting. The University's new professor of finance must challenge and conquer this evil, and rescue his girlfriend. obooko.

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I sat on the armchair in my apartment watching the swirling snow blow outside through the large bay window. The radiator clicked and clacked as it heated the apartment. I glanced down at my muscular arm and flexed my muscle several times, admiring the hours spent pumping iron in the gym. I grew tired of people calling me a nerd, so I pack some muscle onto my frame. Now, no one calls me a nerd or, at least, not to my face, but I'm not athletic. I only look threatening, but I haven't been in a fi...
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