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The servant of the people By Muel Kaptein

The Servant of the People
By Muel Kaptein

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Servants of the people, abbreviated to SPs, are all those who hold office in politics and government, whether paid or unpaid. The people grant them power to enable them to serve, and they must handle that power with integrity. But how do should do that? This free ebook offers necessary concepts, insights and guidelines for integrity in politics and government. Each of the 95 chapters discusses one of the many facets of integrity, with plenty of positive and negative examples from all over the world. In this book the author applies his 25 years of experience as a consultant to public sector administrators, as a professor of integrity and as an SP himself. The central message of the book is that integrity has great power: it can make or break the careers of politicians and officials.

Whether we are talking about politicians, government officials, semi-officials, or volunteers...
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