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Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions from Antiquity to the Present

Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions
By Andrey Safronov

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Book Synopsis

This book presents a retrospective research of a phenomenon of psychopractices: their purposes, methods, evolution, interaction with other forms of spiritual life. Special attention is given to the psychopractices presented nowadays. Philosophical and religious roots of psychotherapy are revealed.

The book can be interesting as for theorists -- experts-culturologists, theologians, psychologists, and for the experts in corresponding sphere, and also for all who is interested in esoteric and non-conventional psychology.


The term “esotericism” is also as much semantically impure as the earlier considered term “mysticism” is, being sometimes used as a synonym to it. Still, basing upon authentic Greek origin of this word — “internal”, “concealed” — it would be more appropriate to tr...
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