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What You Should Have Been Taught In Church, But Weren't. John M. Zikos

What You Should Have Been Taught In Church, But Weren't.
By John M. Zikos

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Book Synopsis

What You Should Have Been Taught In Church, But Weren't is intended to give you greater insight into the meaning of God's word, The Bible.

This is done by explaining some critical and pivotal information the Bible presents in both the Old and New Testaments, and which Christ also taught. This seminal information is often completely overlooked or grossly misunderstood by most churches and religious institutions.

For example, Christ was only pleased with two of the seven churches in the book of Revelation because they taught The Key Of David. The understanding of this "key" opens doors that no man can close, and closes doors that no man can open. Basically understanding the key of David opens a whole other layer of understanding in the scriptures that many don't understand. The Key of David is simply explained in this book.
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