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A Knight in Cowboy Boots by Charmain Callaway

A Knight in Cowboy Boots
By Charmain Callaway

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Round Rock, Texas 1861

The earth was trembling.

That was the first thing Toni thought of when she fell on her hands and knees in the sweltering heat. She lifted her head to look around the seemingly endless desert floor. Seeing nothing, she slowly rose on unsteady legs, as if her five foot five inch height would help as she scanned the horizon.

With her hands linked together and held above her brows to cut down on the glare, it was on her second pass around when she noticed a faint dark line on the horizon, the extreme heat causing the line to dance in the sunlight. Squinting under the brim of her hat, she stared at the spot, then knelt down again, bracing her palm on the hot ground.

Yes, the earth was definitely trembling.

Was it her imagination, or was the trembling stronger? She slowl...
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