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The Legacy by Charmain Callaway

The Legacy
By Charmain Callaway

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In what way do you tell your husband you don't want him to regret his decision to be married to you, but at the same time explain that you have true and lasting value ... even though you come without a proper dowry?

Sister Marla encouraged her to show him her true worth and to prove to everyone else exactly what they were already aware of.

On her wedding day, Lindsey made a determined vow: She would show Kyle, her new husband, exactly how valuable she is to him. How difficult could this be?


England, 1168

Lindsey knew she was in trouble.


She was not sure why, but the odds were definitely against her this time. Closing her eyes, she mentally counted off the days and weeks since her last talk with Sister Jane, but could think of nothing she had done wrong.
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