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Whitelaw:  Last Valiant of D'joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd

Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D'joha Rha.
By L. M. Ridd

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Book Synopsis

All For An Alien's Love: Book 3

Sharina Blaithe has no idea that the man who rescued her from certain death is actually a famous explorer, a man revered and honored throughout the galaxy of Valtor: D'Jon'Ni Whitelaw. Last of the Valiants.

To safeguard his location and the legendary, underwater city of D'joha Rha, he is quick to inform Sharina that all she has known until then is now history and that she must remain in D'joha Rha forever.

Sharina has no problem with this directive as she comes to enjoy her new life, until she realizes that Whitelaw will never care for her as she does for him.

Only when her safety is threatened, and that of D'joha Rha, does Whitelaw finally reveal his true feelings for her.

Or is it already too late? Will Sharina face a future without him in it? Will the l...
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