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The Ardly Effect by Gary Baker

The Ardly Effect
By Mitis Green

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"Even if you're not a huge fan of Science Fiction, you'll find a lot to enjoy ... The characters are a joy to read and that first chapter just has to be read. ... full of little surprises and some of the reveals are truly entertaining ... Baker has managed to produce a book as good as, dare I say it, Douglas Adams, and with a really good plot ... it provided me with so much enjoyment. One of the best books I've read in a long time." Phil Jones of SFCrowsnest


It has been suggested that all things enjoy a certain degree of consciousness. Even the fundamental particles that make up ice cream cones or fluffy slippers. This same school of thought says that if you arrange enough of these quasi-sentient little blobs properly you’ll end up with a dung beetle or a palaeontologist or even a central heating engineer. Something con...
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