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Finis. Part 4 of the Oolite Saga by Drew Wagar

Finis. Part 4 of the Oolite Saga
By Drew Wagar

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With the alien menace poised to overthrow the galaxy a lone group of combateers is all that that stands between them and total annihilation. When one of their number is kidnapped by the aliens and their plans thwarted, the group must decide whether to mount a rescue and risk losing the war, or sacrifice her for the greater good of humankind...


Aesbion Witchspace Monitoring Station Nine was not the bright centre of the universe. One of the ten witchpoint entry zones at Aesbion, it tended to be the least used, primarily serving witchspace traffic to and from the backwater system of Aronar, rather than the busy route which ran to Aesbion between Isence and Qutiri. Sometimes days could go past without a single vessel using the link.

As such it wasn’t a posting that was fought hard over; in fact getting ‘Deep Space Nine’ was very muc...
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