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Haven by Justin Kemppainen

By Justin Kemppainen

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Book Synopsis

The Citizens of Haven have finally realized their dream; separation. They have ascended. A new layer has been placed upon the city, sealing anyone they deem unfit down below. In the dark slums beneath the city, something has been set in motion that will usher in a change. Something that will rattle the city of Haven to its core and forever alter the lives of everyone within.


In an empty dark alleyway, almost completely buried in a mountain of garbage, a pair of glowing, white eyes opened. There was a brief lull as the now-alive creature, unclothed and clearly male, blinked at the grime-encrusted walls. He took a labored breath.

Pain erupted everywhere on his body, and he cried out, an inhuman shriek muffled by the layers of trash. Flailing about, the creature clawed his way free of the containment. Gaining his feet, he stumbled, rolling down the...
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