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Shalilayo by Justin Mitchell

By Justin Mitchell

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Book Synopsis

With the world on the brink of crumbling due to corruption, hope can only come from a small band of aliens willing to save us from ourselves. Even with their higher evolution and technology, can they stop us in time? Before we destroy ourselves?


Celdic liked to think things through thoroughly. He studied his room carefully before sitting up in bed. He sat still and looked for any sign that someone had tampered with his clothes. When he was satisfied his room was safe, he climbed out of bed and dressed. He wore the same soft, thick pants everyone in Tenral wore. Tenral was completely self-sufficient, and had no trade with the outside world, so there was not a lot of variety in the apparel industry. The gray shirt was made from a durable, soft cloth the Gardeners harvested from a poisonous spiky tree in the Rajan Gardens. The Gardeners made the sturdy, brown...
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