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By Matthew S Williams

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In the distant future, humanity has expanded to fill every corner of the Solar System. Over 100 billion people live on its many planets, orbital rings and asteroids, and the resources are running out! Desperate measures need to be taken: humanity must find new places to go to and ways to manage what little it has left. But the universe is full of surprises! Between upheaval at home and hostile intelligences aboard, humanity will have its hands full. But no one said survival was easy!


The Martian soil. A cloud of frozen vapour passed in front of his eyes as a small gust of wind blew from the far horizon. The deep blues and indigos of the night sky shone in the scattered pools that cut through the red sand dunes. It was the magic hour, when the far sun was beginning to recede and sink into the earth. Terra hung in the distance, its orbitals twinkled like rin...
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