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Liability by Matthew S Williams

By Matthew S Williams

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Book Synopsis

They're called hunters. Professional mercenaries licensed to track down, arrest and even kill criminals. For years, they have been keeping the peace, putting the scum of the earth behind bars, or in the ground. But after years of success and dipping crimes rates, trouble is brewing. In times of chaos, the hunter is king, but in times of peace, they are a total liability!


"As every citizen of this great nation is probably aware, today we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Libertarian Act. For many this day is a time of celebration, but for others, it is a time of sober reflection. At the time of its passage, the Act was designed to curb the growing problems of violence that were sweeping the country. In America's inner cities, crime continued to escalate, schools became the sites of increasing gang violence, and in time, the p...
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