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Trouble Brewing by Edward Winslow

Trouble Brewing
By Edward Winslow

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Book Synopsis

Dave's no superhero, even if he does have a very unusual talent. But when a major New Zealand crime lord comes looking for two million dollars that Dave's wife embezzled, he needs to learn to act like one.


The thing about prison, Dave thought to himself as he joined the line for the metal detector, is how absolutely tedious the whole experience is. This shouldn’t have been news to him after watching The Shawshank Redemption, but for some reason, he expected something more exciting. Of course, that was the US prison system. Maybe he’d expected that the New Zealand prison would be something foreign and exotic, but actually, it was just one line after another. Line up at the gates. Line up for the metal detector. Line up to sign in and out.

Line up to go into the visitors’ room. Between one thing and another, a half hour vi...
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