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Vrenna and the Red Stone and Other Tales by Michael E. Shea

Vrenna and the Red Stone and Other Tales
By Michael E. Shea

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Book Synopsis

Twenty two tales of dark fantasy and science fiction by Michael E. Shea.

Follow the tales of Vrenna, the mysterious swordswoman as she explores the dark and strange world of Faigon. Follow the murderous rampage of Thorn the Executioner, follow the Grey Wolves as they cut their way across a dark landscape.

Excerpt from The Executioner:

Torchlight broke into Thorn's cell like streams of fire. He sat up on his bed slowly and glared at the guard who woke him. The guard dropped his gaze. They always did.

"The execution is at dawn."

Thorn continued his stare and the guard hurried to leave. Thorn stood naked. He stretched to his full height, the firelight of the hallway torch dancing off of his dark skin. He looked out of the barred window of his cell and saw the dark blue light of the approaching dawn as it overtook the night.<...
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