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The Warrior of the Light: Volume 2 by Paulo Coelho-  Free Ebook

The Warrior of the Light: Vol.2
By Paulo Coelho

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Book Synopsis

The Warrior of the Light - Volume 2

Reflection of an explorer of Kanchenjunga

By an explorer of mount Kanchenjunga:

"I climbed the highest mountain in my land, and could see the whole world around it. While I was there, I could see more that I can put into words, and understood more than I can express.

"If, however, I were to better definewhat those moments high up on Kanchenjunga really meant, I would say: seen from high up, all things - rivers, trees, snow, grass - seem as one, and my heart was filledwith joy, because I was part of everything. When I understood this, even alone on the top of a mountain, I understood that I was close to all things on this Earth."

Excerpt from Conversations  with the Master:

The journey

During the recent move to my new apartment, I found a ser...
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