ebooks about people and how we interact with each other

From birth until death we all belong to a Society and interact via the relationships we have with each other. Here are some very interesting free books on the subject:

The Machine Inside The Woman by Kandayia Ali

The Machine Inside The Woman
By Kandayia Ali

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I vowed to myself that once I learned how to love ME, that I was going to express it to others with hopes of helping them to look at themselves as being stronger and better than any obstacle. This book isn't just about being an abused spouse - it's about being a survivor PERIOD. Here is my moment of reflection, recovery and release...


It's funny, the moment you thought that pushing me to the ground would hurt. I PUSH MYSELF HARDER THAN THAT! You never thought that a smile would be how I would react. See, for me pain is easy to take- not an obsession though. I'm a force to be recognized- and reckoned with; please make no mistakes. Inside me, is more than you will ever be; so every time you raise your hand to me with hopes to land a lick that will damage me- I RISE. To your surprise, I RISE EACH AND EVERY TIME. I hold secrets, I hold the...
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