ebooks about people and how we interact with each other

From birth until death we all belong to a Society and interact via the relationships we have with each other. Here are some very interesting free books on the subject:

Social Life and Economics by Sumeet Kumar

Social Life and Economics
By Sumeet Kumar

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Introducing the concept of Nonprofit Economy, Social Life and Economics is about economics, education, ethics, values, culture and society.

In order to have a healthy society different kinds of economic solutions are not sufficient. We also need some ethics and values in order to have a healthy culture.

Nonprofit Economy is an alternative economic setup which is based on certain set of ethics and values: a package consisting of Basic economic setup, Educational Setup, Ethics and Values.


Every resource in general has an origin. For example the origin of coal will be coal deposits, origin of steel will be iron deposits and so on. We can see that resources are obtained from their origin. When resources are obtained from the origin they are in their raw form. The resources cannot be used in their raw form. Therefore some people need to...
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