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Violet heart By Violeta Milovanovic
Free ebook: dark poetry

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Violet heart By Violeta Milovanovic
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The fifth e-book of poetry by Violeta Milovanovic, reveals a new passion for life; faith in love; resurrection of the long-forgotten feelings that slowly began to spread through the veins. But it is also a lament for those old dark verses that disappeared before the power of love; a drought among the old rivers of words. It ends with a hope of staying with the pens, verses and poems for an eternity, at least.

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~ Violet heart ~

The sky has no clouds,
no wisps of smoke
but the hearts that colour
my world in gold;
and in the shades of your eye.
You are my violet heart.
I like to draw you
every time
you’re not by my side.

I’m drawing you now
as you read these lines….

Without rhythm and rhyme

Should I drop the pen,
I’ll be a living dead,
a ghoul with a smile,
but a dark witch inside.
All is plain and dull
without rhythm and rhyme.
Life is just a routine –
lethal, to the hilt,
but I might succeed
in scribbling a few verses,
just to make the soul grow,
shine in the dark,
before I grow old…