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Free Travel Guides and Books

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Japan in a Nutshell by Professor Solomon
Travel Guide Books: Rural England
Travel Guide Books: Rural Scotland
Travel Guide Books: Rural Wales
Mike's China by Mike Dixon
Free Beer & Sex by Mike Dixon
Mike's Australia by Mike Dixon
Mike's Japan: Free Sake and Sex by Mike Dixon
Sea Change by MIke Dixon
My Island is Beautiful by Alex Sass
Humor and Moroccan Culture by Matthew Helmke
Free Chinese Phrase Book
Better Ways to Stay Healthy in Asian Tropics by Bryan Walker and Kalpana Patel
Mexicali! by K. Eckland
The Meandering Thoughts of a Nomadic Kind: Short Stories, Book 1 by Peter C Byrnes
Better Ways to Succeed in Aid and Development Work - Adi Walker, Bryan Walker, Richard Walker
Sophie, Rice and Fish By Mark Hill
Running Late By Mark Hill
From this category you can download free travel guide books on all subjects exploring travel, vacations and holidays abroad. These digital books include travel writing that covers both world and local travel with subjects ranging from flights and car rental through to resorts, hotels, currency and travel insurance. Also, information on health related matters that may affect your booking arrangements before travelling. These free travel guides and language books contain experiences and anecdotes provided by seasoned world travellers.