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Free IT Books, Computer and Programming books.

The complexity of the world of computers and Internet and the fast pace of technological advancement means that there is an ever growing book resource. The overall category of IT ebooks has a number of different sub categories that make up the rather generic title of IT.

We’ll highlight just a few of the main topics of books:

Business technology is concerned with all aspects of IT used in the running of an enterprise. In large companies this might be an ERP system that links manufacturing to logistics and accounting. CRM software will support the sales and marketing functions, software like PeopleSoft will support the HR function etc. Every part of a business has some kind of software to support it. There are plenty of books to learn how to use that software.

Many roles within IT will require professional certification especially if you are training others or providing consulting services. Unfortunately, you will need to study so better get the books out.

One of the more fast paced areas is computer science which includes further sub topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), simulation, cybernetics and robotics. There's a lot to learn in this area and picking up a book on fundamentals will help. Maybe you-re designing the next autonomous car or a robot to do the dishes.

Big data is a buzzword used a lot right now and involves taking huge disparate datasets and analysing the content to gain business or social insights. IBM’s Watson would fall in this category.

Audio and visual (video and photography) has gone almost exclusively digital. To get the output complicated equipment and software is required to make it work. Related is graphics and design. Again, a very high tech software driven industry today.

There have always been DIY enthusiasts in the computer and tech space. In fact, some of the big names started out like that – Steve Jobs for example. There is no shortage of books on projects that the amateur at home can build.

The Internet and social media is one of the biggest sub categories. You can find many free IT books and IT ebooks on this topic. The growth of social media has created the need for information on how to manage social media, how to use it to build businesses or to highlight causes.

Networking and cloud computing is important particularly for the business. As we move more and more applications and data off physical servers in the office and into the cloud, it creates a whole new set of challenges. Books on how to manage those networks so that when we need something it is available and books on how to keep it secure from hackers.

Software controls everything and somebody has to write the software in a programming language. There are many programming books covering all the software languages (Python, Java, C++, ruby, Perl, etc.) that will teach you to be a software developer.

This barely touches the surface on what is covered under computers and Internet but take a look at what we have at obooko and download a free IT book today.