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Bettkasten by J. Albert Rorabacher

By J. Albert Rorabacher

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Book Synopsis

In 1938, Hitler charged some of his best scientists with creation of military technologies that would protect and make his war machine, the Wehrmacht, invincible. Those technologies came too late to ensure the Reich's victory, and for more than 60 years the reports and files of those experiments lay hidden away in a bunker, only to be discovered by German construction workers in the fall of 2007.

William Langley, an American graduate student working for the National Institute for Historical Document Evaluation and Preservation (NIHDEP) in Berlin, is given the responsibility of evaluating the contents of File Box No. 243. This box contains secret Nazi reports concerning the successful development of electromagnetic force field technologies for military use. A second file box introduces William to Hitler's attempts to save the nucleus of his most devoted Schutzstaffel...
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