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End Game by Roger Bainbridge

End Game
By Roger Bainbridge

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Book Synopsis

Roger Bainbridge, using personal narrative, interviews Billy Weatherford, a serial killer, soon to be executed in Florida's electric chair. He wishes to confess to the murder of young women, for which he was never charged. His revelations will soon rock he and Roger's hometown, Brooksville. The interviews allow Roger to explore the mind of a prolific serial killer and, at the same time, achieve long overdo justice.


As I leaned against the window, sipping my first morning cup of office coffee, I looked out at the gray, overcast sky and the streets of Chicago twelve stories below. I could see white caps on Lake Michigan over the tops of the barren trees and the lower buildings along the shoreline. I saw the marina, still clogged with ice that undulated with each successive wave that made its way through the opening in the breakwater. On the...
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