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Crucifix by Geoff Wolak

By Geoff Wolak

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Book Synopsis

K2 Series - Book 6.

K2 go on the offensive - the final battle, Johno's ulimate solution to the problem.


'Johno, what you doing visiting your old man in hospital?' Beesely light-heartedly enquired, sitting up in bed. 'Bored were you? Need someone to take the piss out of?'

'Nope, needed a chat, off the radar. C'mon, we're going swimming.'

Covering his torso in a t-shirt, Johno carried a reluctant Beesely on his back and down the pool steps, one hand on the silver railing.

In the warm water Beesely let himself float, aided by a bright yellow lifejacket. 'So, what's this all about?' he quietly asked.

Johno dragged his father to the far side of the pool, where water gurgled noisily. He held his gaze on Beesely for several seconds....
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