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Revenge by Geoff Wolak

By Geoff Wolak

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Book Synopsis

K2 Series - Book 3.

Tipping Point is nearing, the CIA manouvering ready for their doomsday scenario. Are K2 and Beesely ready to take them on? K2 has survived an attack, now they will fight with money and slight of hand, before it's too late.


Johno handed the busty young blonde, Alison Star, a pair of ear defenders, both now stood in the dungeon firing range. 'Put these on.'

'You're not wearing any!' the Internet glamour model protested. She stood in jeans and a tight, almost see- through top, her hands on her hips.

'I'm used to it, love.'

'I grew up on a farm. I can shoot, as my teddy will prove!'

Johno cocked a teasing eyebrow. 'You shot your teddy?'

'Hit it with a twelve gauge, blew it to bits.'<...
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