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The History of Oeuf, Book 1 by P. S. E.

The History of Oeuf, Book 1
By P. S. E.

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Book Synopsis

Book 1, Ancient Oeuf.

The History of Oeuf tells the story of the rise of civilisation on the small world of Oeuf, from its humble origins to its technological zenith. On Earth this process took over ten-thousand years, but on Oeuf they must manage it in just ten. The story is told through the lives of Oeuf's demented monarchs, priests, artists, revolutionaries and scientists. The book contains many interesting parallels with Human history, culture and thought. In addition it is stuffed to the gunwales with lots and lots of particularly silly jokes.


On a tiny moon, twirling round a tiny planet, long before our Earth was formed, a small and hairy creature raised itself up onto its hind legs and stood erect. It held a round, yellow object aloft. In the sky a round, yellow sun radiated light.

"O Great Fiery Solanum Tuberosum,"...
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