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An Introduction to the Enneagram by Mark McGuinness

An Introduction to the Enneagram
By Mark McGuinness

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Book Synopsis

I was introduced to the Enneagram in 1997, since when I have found it a powerful and practical tool, in my own life and relationships, and in my work - originally as a psychotherapist and now also as a business coach and consultant.

The Enneagram system is not confined to what modern psychology regards as the 'personality' - it includes the whole of human nature, mental, emotional and physical - but I will limit this brief introduction to the personality types and how they can help you in your personal and professional development.


What can the Enneagram offer you?

Personal development

The Enneagram types are not made up of lists of character traits, but are founded on a person’s core values. Each type represents a fundamental decision about what is most important in life - such as power, security, harm...
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