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Gitano & the Princess by Lisa Arnopp

Gitano & the Princess
By Lisa Arnopp

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Book Synopsis

Never drink dragon's blood without permission.

With less than a week to live, Princess Rosette has a lot on her mind. Her wicked exiled sister Leah has King Aldric captive. Her brother Prince Maximilien is walking into a trap. And she needs to find a dragon and ask nicely for its blood to cure the lethal poison coursing through her veins. Luckily Philippe and a Gitano caravan are there to help.


Kingly Mission

Princess Rosette hid behind a pillar on the mezzanine of the great hall. Below her King Aldric spoke to a group of men. They weren't in uniform but they were definitely guards. Their stance gave them away.

Aldric scrutinized the men critically. "Captain Leopold has vouched that you are the bravest, noblest and most skilled men in his command that meet the qualifications for this unusu...
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