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Field of Reeds by Andrew Starling

Field of Reeds
By Andrew Starling

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Book Synopsis

This story is based around the invention of an electronic method of measuring the human soul. Not everybody thinks this is a wonderful idea - some religious nutcases even want to kill the inventor. Our hero, Spencer, is detoxified and sent out by the world's biggest software company (not Microsoft!) to track down the inventor before the bad guys do. Many of the things that happen to him mirror the judgement scenes of the world's major religions, with the finale based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

This version is a publisher's proof, produced just before the publisher decided to stop publishing books. Life's like that sometimes.


It was Spencer's turn. The bishop seemed the best piece to move, not for any great strategic reason but because of the shape of its hat. He lifted the bishop from its square, moved it diagonall...
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