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Fragments from Chronos by J.J. Loe

Fragments from Chronos
By J.J. Loe

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Book Synopsis

Consider all time occurring simultaneously. This is what the Fragments from Chronos takes as its subject: Time reoccurring over and over ad infinitum. The collection found herein are the visions of this congruo universum Combining examples of poetry, short fiction, and essay, they comprise concepts culled from a treasury of many diverse sources coming down through the ages. They hope to retain some part of their vital essence in a new and current setting that is always the present. Their techniques, and inspiration, can be found in the works of Rimbaud, Borges and Novalis; however, the ideas found within are as much the author's own as they are any others. They are re-invented ideas, found eternally expressed by thinkers and artists from the earliest of days and, hopefully, even into the future. Thought and dream here conspire together. Religious metaphors are re-worked into vario...
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