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Logological Fragments by J.J. Loe

Logological Fragments
By Jimmy Loe

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The following fragments take their name and much of their style from the work of Novalis. I only hope that they do justice, in the humblest sense of that weighty word, to the history of thought that went into their preparation. I will not admit that I intend to please everyone with the ideas that these fragments portray; I know that they will not find favor with many. They are the ideas of a mind thinking of itself.

The aim of this selection is to represent a unique style of assaying philosophical thought. If the style and substance engenders further thought in the reader, then these few examples will be considered a success, as they will have encouraged the reader to pursue, perhaps, a line of free-thinking of his own.

The selected articles are of four sorts, poem, apothegm, essay and narrative. Preferably, they should be read in no particular order, but rand...
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