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Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss by Mary Warner

Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss
By Mary Warner

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Book Synopsis

Chris Dickle is in a pickle. Sullivan Clark wants to get pickled. Monroe Dobbs hides beneath a table. Lenore St. Cyr makes a dash to the grave. The stories of these characters and more are told in Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss. Written as a series of linked short -stories, Greenville reveals how the emotions-associated with longing and loss affect the lives of some of the fictional town's -inhabitants. -Threaded throughout each -story, Greenville's -resident town character, the Tin Man, makes his appearance.


A knot of breathlessness perched atop her diaphragm, leaving her expectant, fearful.  She was in a strange position, lying face down with her left arm crooked over her head, her fingers twined through and pulling her hair.  She felt the knot against the mattress, like the princess’s pea from the fairytale that her mother...
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