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A Peaceable Kingdom by Richard Borovsky

A Peaceable Kingdom
By Richard Borovsky

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Book Synopsis

Excerpt: On some days Orlando didn’t want to get out of bed.  It wasn’t that he hadn’t had enough sleep—he’d been going to bed early recently and rarely had trouble falling asleep—it was that he preferred his dream world to his waking one, which had become less fulfilling as the years went by.  His dream world was no picnic, of course: it was capricious and unpredictable, but it had none of the drudgery of his daily life, and though his dreams could be troubling, he often woke wishing he could return to them—the possibilities seemed endless. When Orlando woke and felt pressed to embark on his daily routine, he often wondered if there was anything inherently more important about getting up, taking a shower, drinking coffee and going to work, than there was in dreaming.  He had no family and no real responsibilities beyond his own...
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