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The Stonehenge Observatory - By Dean Talboys

The Stonehenge Observatory
By Dean Talboys

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12,900 years ago the world's climate changed dramatically, wiping out numerous species and the native people of North America. One thousand years later it reverted even more dramatically and with devastating consequences - extinction of the Woolly Mammoth and Rhinoceros, Cave Lion and Giant Deer across Eurasia, and every large mammal in South America. It also laid waste to a civilization whose knowledge would not be repeated for another 9,000 years. So violent was the cataclysm that only one structure survived - it remains to this day a monument to the people who designed and built The Stonehenge Observatory.

This provocative and entertaining free ebook destroys the current archaeological interpretation of Stonehenge as a temple built by Neolithic farmers 5,000 years ago. It reassesses evidence from excavations over since 1900 and challenges long upheld views on how...
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