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Common sense bridge for beginners. By Paddy O'Farrell

Common Sense Bridge for Beginners
By Paddy O'Farrell

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Book Synopsis

What could be nicer, four friends sitting outside on a balmy summer's evening around a table with gin and tonics playing a rubber of bridge? This book will guide you to that state of nirvana.

If you can play whist you can play bridge, using easy to follow tables and card layout diagrams this will guide absolute beginners through the basics of card values, trick values and the bidding sequence.

Chuck in a bit of common sense and it all will become clear: the bidding system and scoring; how to open the bidding and how to reply; overcalls after the opposition have bid; slam bidding; playing the hands; finessing and cross trumping.

There are twenty nine sample hands guiding you through the nuances of bidding, playing and scoring.

Ideal for use as a reference whilst bidding and playing the hands at home.

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