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Dormant by Kevin Cathy

By Kevin Cathy

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Book Synopsis

Eric Philpot is tired of being tired with his never-ending insomnia. One day, out of desperation, he resorts to a very dangerous yet successful treatment of his own. Now he's sleeping like a baby. And everything would be perfect except that now Eric can't tell the difference between when he's awake or when he's asleep. Written with a unique writing style and an imaginative plotline, Dormant will leave you asking yourself if you're really even alive. Includes an alternate ending with an introduction from the author.


His breathing was now beginning to be more frequently unstable. What used to be a strong rhythmic and capable sound was quickly disposing into a harsh huff and puff rollercoaster.  

He so wished this inevitable annoyance didn't have to occur so abruptly, or at all for that matter.

Can't I just...
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