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Horrendous Tales (Volume I) by Kevin Cathy and other authors

Horrendous Tales (Volume I)
By Kevin Cathy and others

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Book Synopsis

The horror genre will never be the same. Vile Press Presents: Horrendous Tales (Volume I) is the first anthology of horror short stories written by independent authors who wrote with the intention of giving the reader a new, unencumbered, and twisted perspective on what keeps you up at night. Prepare yourself to read some truly vile works of horror fiction that the mainstream could never offer.

Excerpt from 'Intruder' by Kevin Cathy:

"Cabin, sweet cabin!" Gregory exclaimed as he turned the doorknob.

After pushing the door scarcely ajar, Gregory then raised his right leg and swung it fiercely. The doorknob slammed against the wall adjacent to the entrance which made a slight but noticeable indentation.

"Dude, what the hell!?" Aaron shouted from behind as he carried the cooler up the steps. "This i...
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