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Horrendous Tales (Volume 2) by Kevin Cathy and others

Horrendous Tales (Volume II)
By Kevin Cathy and others

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Book Synopsis

Vile Press proudly presents the second installment in the Horrendous Tales anthology series.

Excerpt from 'One Day' by Kevin Cathy:

Outside, the sun had risen.

Inside my home, I awoke.

Inside my head, I was truly awake.

I finally had an answer to the nagging questions I persisted on asking myself.

The world is rotten.

The questions: “Why do I hate music on the radio? Why do I despise the homeless? Why do I not care about the poor, the needy, the starving kids in Africa…? Am I a horrible and selfish human being? Why are all politicians liars? Why do people spend thousands of dollars on brand name clothes just to fit in with assholes that were unrighteous for judging them for what they wore in the first place? Why do people kill other people for money as if that pocket change would make them...
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