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Glimpses of Autobiography By Roy T James

Glimpses of Autobiography
By By Roy T James

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I had collected a few events and occurrences of my growing years thinking that those would find a place in my autobiography. As my life has not yet given me enough material to write one, and these bits of memory might find a the path to oblivion, I thought of presenting these as the glimpses, of that book, if ever I happen to write!

I know, autobiography cannot be a natural destination for me, having neither been a rare specimen of my generation nor a captivating figure to make my story worthy of recall, let alone a life replete with achievements where reminiscences flourish. But I find myself singularly lucky to have had the association, be it as parents, relatives or elders, or allies, enemies, or peers, with greatly remarkable and distinctive personalities, each of them, an epic in one's own right. Rather than meeting the main character of a telling story, I offer you...
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