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Homo Posterous. By Roy James

By Roy T James

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Book Synopsis

An inventor makes a time machine and travels to 3000 AD. There he meets with future human generation and learns about the horrendus future, awaiting the present generation.


After many years of trial and error I had finally perfected a machine. And I was at the point where I could put it through. The date I chose was January 12th 3117. I’d decided that this was the hour I would like to witness, to get a good idea of our future prospects. I was very excited, but a little anxious about what mankind was going to be surprised with.

I entered the time machine, and had a swift look at all those who came to wish me good luck. I sat down on the seat, taking care to close the door behind me and went through the checklist. I pushed the buttons in the preset pattern, and there continued the operating procedure as designed. The time machine shuddered, b...
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